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"This is what my heart space has been hungry for...clarity and some direction. So thank you both!"
Shirley J
2017 Mentoring Group Participant
Personal Endorsements for David and Natalie
The Heart of The Matter is always A Matter of The Heart, and when it comes to David & Natalie Tensen they are all about the heart. We have personally found incredible fruit in the lives, and from the lives of these dear ministers & friends. The feedback that has come from their times of ministry with people within our community and those of the wider body, gives us great confidence in recommending them to anyone who finds themselves needing ministry. It is with great pleasure that we endorse David & Natalie Tensen to you, and trust you will experience even greater blessings as you invite them into your world.

Gary & Sarah Morgan
Senior Pastors – Hillview Community Church – Melbourne, Australia

David and Natalie Tensen have a huge heart for people and are deeply committed to the transformation of hearts both here in Australia and in the nations. I have been the recipient of David’s ministry and can confidently endorse both David and Natalie as true servants of the church who carry a genuine desire to see lives supernaturally transformed by the love and power of God. I unhesitatingly recommend them as heart transformers and heart healers who show true compassion and care.

Phil Mason
Spiritual Director – Tribe Byron Bay – Byron Bay, N.S.W Australia

I have had the privilege of connecting with David and Natalie Tensen in 2015 and I can wholeheartedly say they are both passionate about seeing people walk in wholeness, healing and freedom. I believe the Lord has gifted them both incredibly to see people released into greater realms of their destiny. They both carry a heart and passion to see people connect with the love of God and the beautiful heart of the Father. I personally have received prayer ministry with David and his gentleness, discernment, wisdom and partnership with the Holy Spirit and His leading, sees the Lord move in great power and breakthrough. I highly recommend David and Natalie and know you will be as blessed and impacted as I have been by their ministry.

Lana Vawser
Lana Vawser Ministries – Australia

The heart health of a person determines the effectiveness of all that they do. David and Natalie Tensen are both incredibly gifted in helping people to connect with the deeper areas of their own hearts in order to bring understanding of self, release healing to broken areas and help people to step into the destiny and purpose of their life. Our organisation has been greatly impacted by the wisdom and insight of their ministry and I would highly recommend them both.

Brad Joss
Senior Leader – Paradox – Kwinana, W.A. Australia

The decisions you make in life is the life you end up living! The problem we have is when a decision is made it generally goes from our head to our heart, lodging itself in our heart, buried, attached with all kinds of pictures, emotions, and feelings never to emerge unless we take the time to visit it. Worst still, that decision continues to direct our path in life automatically until we recognize it, call it out and bring it back to our head (conscious mind). Once conscious of what we had decided we are now able to change our mind about that issue or simply get rid of the issue (decision we had made).

The issues of the heart are of paramount importance, in fact twenty thousand times more important than the head because out of it that the mouth speaks, out of it comes all of our behaviour and indeed all of the issues of our life. So how do we visit our own hearts? Or worst still, how do we change what lies buried in our hearts? And once we recognise or diagnose an issue within our hearts, how do we then deal with it?

David and Natalie Tensen have had extensive training and are equipped with tools to help in this process. Both Debbie and I have personally found incredible fruit in allowing David and Natalie to minister to us, in fact to say it was life changing would be an understatement. We have had them minister into our church community multiple times with wonderful results and have partnered with them to help other communities also.

David and Natalie have a passion to see people walk in freedom, they are my answer to Phil 2:12 where it says, ‘work out your own salvation’, recognizing that everyone is on this journey in their lives as they work out who and whose they are. May I say thank you David and Natalie, you are a tremendous gift to so many, I celebrate who you are and all you do.

Much love Gary & Deb
Senior leaders – the FriendsFirst Community. Australia


David Tensen is a man of creative passion; sold–out passion for God, Kingdom transformation and his family. With wife Natalie, his personal prayer ministry and speaking engagements have grown and expanded nationally and internationally with miraculous outcomes. David’s personal ministry to me has been compassionate, insightful and Holy Spirit led… so much appreciated ! God bless you David!

Pauline Guthrie
Christian Counsellor, Speaker, Life Coach - Regenr8 Counselling

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